MLA Prize in United States Latina and Latino and Chicana and Chicano Literary and Cultural Studies Winners


  • Julie Avril Minich, University of Texas, Austin, for Accessible Citizenships: Disability, Nation, and the Cultural Politics of Greater Mexico (Temple Univ. Press, 2014)

  • Honorable mention: Urayoán Noel, New York University, for In Visible Movement: Nuyorican Poetry from the Sixties to Slam (Univ. of Iowa Press, 2014)


  • Nicole M. Guidotti-Hernández, University of Texas, Austin, for Unspeakable Violence: Remapping U.S. and Mexican National Imaginaries (Duke Univ. Press, 2011)

  • Honorable mention: Antonio López, George Washington University, for Unbecoming Blackness: The Diaspora Cultures of Afro-Cuban America (New York Univ. Press, 2012)


  • Laura G. Gutiérrez, University of Arizona, for Performing Mexicanidad: Vendidas y Cabareteras on the Transnational Stage (Univ. of Texas Press, 2010)

  • Honorable mention: Genaro M. Padilla, University of California, Berkeley, for The Daring Flight of My Pen: Cultural Politics and Gaspar Pérez de Villagrá’s Historia de la Nueva Mexico, 1610 (Univ. of New Mexico Press, 2010)


  • Crystal Parikh, New York University, for An Ethics of Betrayal: The Politics of Otherness in Emergent U.S. Literatures and Cultures (Fordham Univ. Press, 2009)

  • Honorable mention: Ramón E. Soto-Crespo, University at Buffalo, State University of New York, for Mainland Passage: The Cultural Anomaly of Puerto Rico (Univ. of Minnesota Press, 2009)


  • Laura Lomas, Rutgers University, Newark, for Translating Empire: José Martí, Migrant Latino Subjects, and American Modernities (Duke Univ. Press, 2008)

  • Honorable mention: Sheila Marie Contreras, Michigan State University, for Blood Lines: Myth, Indigenism, and Chicana/o Literature (Univ. of Texas Press, 2008)


  • Antonio Viego, Duke University, for Dead Subjects: Toward a Politics of Loss in Latino Studies (Duke Univ. Press, 2007)2006

  • Alicia Arrizón, University of California, Riverside, for Queering Mestizaje: Transculturation and Performance (Univ. of Michigan Press, 2006)

  • Ramón Saldívar, Stanford University, for The Borderlands of Culture: Américo Paredes and the Transnational Imaginary (Duke Univ. Press, 2006)


  • Ralph E. Rodriguez, Brown University, for Brown Gumshoes: Detective Fiction and the Search for Chicana/o Identity (Univ. of Texas Press, 2005)

  • Honorable Mention: Michelle Habell-Pallán, University of Washington, for Loca Motion: The Travels of Chicana and Latina Popular Culture (New York Univ. Press, 2005)


  • Frederick Luis Aldama, Ohio State University, for Dancing with Ghosts: A Critical Biography of Arturo Islas (Univ. of California Press, 2004)


  • Rosa-Linda Fregoso, University of California, Santa Cruz, for MeXicana Encounters: The Making of Social Identities on the Borderlands (Univ. of California Press, 2003)


  • Mary Pat Brady, Cornell University, for Extinct Lands, Temporal Geographies: Chicana Literature and the Urgency of Space (Duke Univ. Press, 2002)

  • Honorable mention: Raúl Homero Villa, Occidental College, for Barrio-Logos: Space and Place in Urban Chicano Literature and Culture (Univ. of Texas Press, 2000)