Conference on the Relation between English and Foreign Languages in the Academy

Constructing Dialogue, Imagining Change



 Sylvia Molloy

 Collaborating across Disciplines: "It's a Small World After All"
 Elizabeth Langland

What We Have in Common and How We Are Different

 The Post-English English
 Roland Greene

 Alien Wisdoms in English and Foreign Language Programs
 Claire Kramsch

 Rethinking the Place of Spanish
 John M. Lipski

 National Language Departments in the Era of Transnational Studies
 Françoise Lionnet

 A Shared Fate or a Common Destiny?
 J. Lawrence Mitchell

What Are the Factors That Brought Us to Where We Are?

 The Cold War and Beyond in East Asian Studies
 Norma Field

 From Imperialism to Collaboration: How Do We Get There?
 Domna C. Stanton

Shaping Change

 Literacy and Departments of Language and Literature
 David Bartholomae

 E Pluribus Unum?
 Susan Kirkpatrick

 What's Foreign and What's Familiar?
 Mary Louise Pratt

 Cooperation between English and Foreign Languages in the Area of Multilingual Literature
 Werner Sollors

Carlos J. Alonso's presentation at the conference appears in a revised form as an Editor's Column published with these papers.

About These Papers

New York University
12-14 April 2002
Sponsored by the Modern Language Association and New York University

These papers were published in PMLA 117 (2002): 1233-94.