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  1. Checklist for Self-Study for Departments of Foreign Languages and Literatures
  2. ADE Guide for External Reviewers
  3. ADE Checklist for Departmental Self-Study
  4. A Provost’s Guidelines for Writing an External Letter of Evaluation
  5. Plus ça change . . . ? Global, Transnational, and Interdisciplinary Studies within National Language Departments
  6. What Is the Political Economy of English Departments, and How Can We Make It Work for Us?
  7. Assessment and Disciplinary Futures
  8. Unintended Consequences: The MLA Task Force on Evaluating Scholarship
  9. Say No to Assessment, at Least for Now
  10. Comments on the Report of the MLA Task Force on Evaluating Scholarship for Tenure and Promotion
  11. English Departments and the Circulation of Higher Education Policyspeak
  12. How to Survive Strategic Planning: A Guide for the Perplexed
  13. Report of the ADE Ad Hoc Committee on Changes in the Structure and Financing of Higher Education
  14. Recruiting and Retaining Minority Faculty Members in English at the University of Vermont
  15. Evaluating Scholarship in the Humanities: Principles and Procedures
  16. The Situation of the Humanities: How English Departments (and Their Chairs) Can Survive into the Twenty-First Century
  17. The AAUP Statement on Distance Education: Special Considerations for Language and Literature
  18. Guidelines for Institutional Support of and Access to IT for Faculty Members and Students
  19. Committee on the Literatures of People of Color in the United States and Canada: Guidelines for Good Practice
  20. ADE and ADFL Statement on the Use of Outside Reviewers
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