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  1. The Starbucks Myth: Measuring the Work of the English Major
  2. Diversifying the English Profession: The Summer Institute for Literary and Cultural Studies
  3. English and English Education: Why We Should Talk to Our Colleagues in the Schools
  4. Review of Scholarship on the Status of African American Faculty Members in English
  5. Nurturing Undergraduates toward Doctoral Study
  6. The Case for Legal Reasoning
  7. The Undergraduate English Major
  8. After the English Major
  9. What English Majors Do Out There, How They Feel about It, and What We Do about It
  10. Guide to Self-Study of Courses and Teaching in Undergraduate English Programs in Teacher Education
  11. Recruiting and Retaining African American Graduate Students
  12. Fostering Graduate Diversity: A Roundtable
  13. Marketing the English Major; or, Tending the Garden, Organically
  14. Recruiting English Majors: One View from a Public University
  15. Dancing with the Devil: Selling English without Selling It Out
  16. Exercises in Balance
  17. HOT Classrooms
  18. What Can You Do with an English Major?
  19. Western Teachers in Eastern Europe: A Student's Perspective
  20. Campus Culture in China: Pains and Gains of Foreign Teachers
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