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  1. Literature, Literacy, and (New) Media
  2. Plus ça change . . . ? Global, Transnational, and Interdisciplinary Studies within National Language Departments
  3. Translation in the Curriculum
  4. The Unnamed Work of English
  5. Close Reading in 2009
  6. Internationalizing the English Curriculum
  7. Persons of Letters: Creative Writing and Internationalizing the English Curriculum
  8. Internationalizing the English Studies Curriculum: Some Thoughts on the Why and How
  9. Redefining National Literatures in the Americas
  10. Lines Drawn and Redrawn: How Does the National Matter?
  11. Rescuing Reading: The Community College, General Education, and Literary Reading across Curricula
  12. Mending the Broken Circle: The Power of Literature to Heal Racial Strife
  13. Directing Study-Abroad Programs in a Changed World: Five Lessons Learned from the Madrid Bombings
  14. Spanish: The Foreign National Language
  15. Literature in the Age of Anglocentrism
  16. Forum on Language Policy and the Politics of Language
  17. Beyond Language and Literature Departments: History, Culture, and International Study
  18. The Humanities, Globalization, and the Transformation of the University
  19. Between Living and Telling: Ethnicity in the Age of Transnationalism
  20. Affirmative Activism: Report of the ADE Ad Hoc Committee on the Status of African American Faculty Members in English
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