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  1. Placement Outcomes for Modern Language PhDs: Findings from the MLA’s Surveys of PhD Placement
  2. Advice for Combating Campus Bigotry and Fostering Respect in the Academic Community
  3. Expropriation of the Professoriat: View of an Untenured Radical
  4. Remarks on Receiving the Francis Andrew March Award
  5. Education in the Balance: A Report on the Academic Workforce in English
  6. The Last True Optimists: Three Decades of Lectureships at the University of Nevada, Reno
  7. The Job I Wanted to Get
  8. Report on the Survey of Earned Doctorates, 2004
  9. Report on the MLA's 2004 Survey of Hiring Departments
  10. Baby Talk; or, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Exit
  11. Remarks in Honor of Phyllis Franklin: Presentation of the 2004 ADE Francis Andrew March Award for Distinguished Service to the Profession of English
  12. Is There Room in the Well-Wrought Urn for Race and Gender?
  13. Exercises in Balance
  14. Introduction: Politics and Theory Redux
  15. The Transition from Graduate School at a Research University to Teaching at a Small College
  16. From Rumors to Facts: Career Outcomes of English PhDs
  17. In Loco Parentis: Child Rearing in the Profession
  18. Walking on Eggshells: The Experience of a Black Woman Professor
  19. Alone among Colleagues: The Chair's Role in Faculty Evaluation
  20. Employment of 1996–97 English PhDs: A Report on the MLA's Census of PhD Placement
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