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  1. Using Sign Language Interpreters
  2. Disability and Hiring: Guidelines for Departmental Search Committees
  3. MLA Statements Relevant to the Hiring Process
  4. Advice to Search Committees and Job Seekers on Entry-Level Faculty Recruitment and Hiring
  5. Dos and Don'ts for MLA Convention Interviews
  6. A Community College Teaching Career
  7. Contingent Labor Practices in the Yeshiva College English Department: A Case Study
  8. Dreams of Tenure and the Program for Change
  9. Advice to Graduate Students: From Application to Career
  10. Checklist for Job Seekers
  11. General Advice for Candidates
  12. Report on the MLA Job Information List, September 2008
  13. The Upside of "Fit": A Cautionary Tale for Job Seekers
  14. What Should You Expect from the MLA Job Interview? And What Do Your Interviewers Expect from You?
  15. Best Feet Forward: Some Moves for the Campus Interview
  16. Professionalization in Perspective
  17. Guidelines for Good Practice
  18. Advice for Combating Campus Bigotry and Fostering Respect in the Academic Community
  19. The Role of Critical Languages on Campus
  20. "Where Angels Fear to Tread": Enriching the Foreign Language Department through Diversifying Its Faculty, Students, and Programs
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