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Quick Tour: Special-Session Form, Panelist Confirmation
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  • On this page, the system tries to match the participant names you entered with the names that appear as current members in the MLA membership database.
  • Click on the circle to the left of the correct name for each participant.
  • Once you select a participant, a fill-in box will appear below the participant's name. If the affiliation that appears is not the affiliation that should be included in the Program, enter the modified information in the fill-in box.
  • If the participant is not an MLA member, or if you are unsure, select "Nonmember/not sure."
  • If you know the participant is a member but no matches were found in the database, click Save and Finish Later, then search the member database. When you have found the name we have on file for the member, return and complete your proposal.
  • Sometimes accents in a name or a change in affiliation may confuse the system, even if the name is typed correctly. You may select "Nonmember/not sure" if there are any questions and continue submitting your proposal. MLA convention staff members will manually check the membership status of all session participants once the proposal form is received, and that check supersedes any questions that the system may have raised. An MLA staff member will contact the proposer if there are any remaining membership questions.
  • Click Save and Finish Later to save the form and resume later, or click Continue to proceed to the Equipment and Contact Information page.


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