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Nominations for 2014 MLA Elections

This page presents the report of the 2014 Nominating Committee on its nominations for second vice president and the Executive Council, the report of the 2014 Elections Committee on its nominations for special-interest and regional seats in the Delegate Assembly, and the notice of members’ right to submit petitions proposing additional candidates for the 2014 election ballot. This year, petitions were received to add one second vice president candidate and three Executive Council candidates to the ballot. Please click here to review the biographical summaries of these petition candidates.

In accordance with the provisions of the MLA constitution, the Nominating Committee and the Elections Committee have arranged this year’s elections for second vice president, for the Executive Council, and for the Delegate Assembly. Any member of the association may initiate a petition proposing additional candidates for second vice president, for the Executive Council, and for the Delegate Assembly. Procedures for filing petitions are described in articles 6.E, 8.A.2, and 10.E of the MLA constitution. Petitions must reach the executive director before 1 July.

Second Vice President

The 2014 Nominating Committee has selected three nominees for second vice president of the MLA. The person elected will take office on 12 January 2015 and will automatically become first vice president in 2016, serving in that office through the close of the January 2017 convention, and president of the MLA in 2017, serving in that office through the close of the January 2018 convention. The new second vice president must be from a field other than English (including American). A biographical summary for each candidate appears below; members will receive voting instructions in the fall.

Leslie A. Adelson. Jacob Gould Schurman Prof. of German Studies, Cornell Univ. PhD, Washington Univ. in St. Louis. Dir., Inst. for German Cultural Studies, Cornell Univ., 2007–13; dir., Mellon Diversity Fellowship Program and Seminar, Coll. of Arts and Sciences, Cornell Univ., 2014–15. Previous appointment: Ohio State Univ., 1982–96. Fulbright-Hays fellowship (Germany), 1974–75; German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) fellowship, Oct. 1983; Alexander von Humboldt Foundation research fellowship, 1987–88, 1992; Amer. Council of Learned Socs. travel grant, 1994; NEH research fellowship, 2003. Visiting appointment: Univ. of California, Irvine, spring 1986. Aldo and Jeanne Scaglione Prize for Studies in Germanic Langs. and Lits. (for Making Bodies, Making History), MLA, 1994; DAAD Prize for Distinguished Scholarship in German Studies, Amer. Inst. for Contemporary German Studies, 1996. Dir., DAAD faculty summer seminar, Cornell Univ., 2005, 2012; codir., Mellon faculty seminar, Cornell Univ., 2005–06. Academic advisory council (1996– ) and senior fellow (2008– ), Amer. Inst. for Contemporary German Studies. German Studies Assn., Amer. Comparative Lit. Assn., Amer. Assn. of Teachers of German, Women in German, Intl. Soc. for the Study of Narrative. MLA activities: exec. comm., Div. on 20th-Century German Lit., 1992–96; PMLA Advisory Comm., 1995–98; Nominating Comm., 2004–05 (ch., 2005); Program Comm., 2010–13. Contributing ed., New German Critique, 1983– . Intl. advisory boards (book series): Studies in Contemporary German Literature, Stauffenburg Press, 1994– ; Studien zur Inter- und Multikultur, Stauffenburg Press, 2003– ; Palgrave Studies in Contemporary Comparative Literatures, Palgrave Macmillan, 2013– . Ed. or advisory boards: German Quarterly, 1988–91, 1994–97; Women in German Yearbook, 1992–2000; Transit, 2006– ; Gegenwartsliteratur, 2007–12; German Politics and Society, 2008–14; Alexander Kluge Jahrbuch, 2014– . Publications include Crisis of Subjectivity: Botho Strauß’s Challenge to West German Prose of the 1970s (1984), Making Bodies, Making History: Feminism and German Identity (1993), The Turkish Turn in Contemporary German Literature: Toward a New Critical Grammar of Migration (2005); ed., The Cultural After-Life of East Germany: New Transnational Perspectives (2002); ed. and trans., Zafer Şenocak, Atlas of a Tropical Germany: Essays on Politics and Culture, 1990–1998 (2000); guest coed., Germanic Review (2013); contrib., Weiblichkeit und Avantgarde (1987), Feminist Theory in Practice and Process (1989), Spätmoderne und Postmoderne: Beiträge zur deutschsprachigen Gegenwartsliteratur (1991), Jüdische Kultur und Weiblichkeit in der Moderne (1994), Gender and Germanness: Cultural Productions of a Nation (1997), Yale Companion to Jewish Writing and Thought in German Culture, 1096–1996 (1997), The Imperialist Imagination: German Colonialism and Its Legacy (1998), Unpacking Europe: Towards a Critical Reading (2001), A New History of German Literature (2004), Germany in Transit: Nation and Migration, 1955–2005 (2007), Über Gegenwartsliteratur: Interpretationen und Interventionen (2008), The Rhetoric of Sincerity (2009), Ethnic Europe: Mobility, Identity, and Conflict in a Globalized World (2010), Kosmopolitische “Germanophonie”? Postnationale Perspektiven in der deutschsprachigen Gegenwartsliteratur (2012); articles in Translation Studies, New German Critique, Germanic Review, German Quarterly, German Studies Review, Women in German Yearbook, Signs, Modern Language Journal, Alman Dili ve Edebiyatı Dergisi, New Perspectives on Turkey, text + kritik, Monatshefte, Transit.

Christie A. McDonald. Smith Prof. of French Lang. and Lit. and prof. comparative lit., Harvard Univ. PhD, Yale Univ. Previous appointments: Université de Montréal, 1986–93, 1969–84; Emory Univ., July 1984–Jan. 1986. Canada Council research grant, 1974–75, 1978–79; Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) research grant, 1984, 1991–94; Arts Award for Nonfiction, Canada Council, 1992–93; visiting fellow, New York Inst. for the Humanities, New York Univ., 1992–93; senior fellow, Soc. for the Humanities, Cornell Univ., fall 2003. Visiting appointments: Graduate Center, City Univ. of New York, spring 1986; Emory Univ., spring 1986; École Normale Supérieure (Paris), Mar. 1999; summer inst., Dartmouth Coll., 2005. Fellow (elected), Royal Soc. of Canada, 1993– ; honorary MA, Harvard Univ., 1994; Clifford Prize (for outstanding article on an aspect of eighteenth-century culture), Amer. Soc. for Eighteenth-Century Studies, 1994–95; Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Palmes Académiques, French Natl. Ministry of Educ., 1998– ; Medal of the City of Lyon, France, 2006. Selection comms.: Intl. Comparative Lit. Assn., 1988; Canada Council, 1990; SSHRC, 1992; Amer. Council of Learned Socs., 1986–88. Exec. comm., Intl. Assn. for Philosophy and Lit., 1989–92; Amer. Comparative Lit. Assn.; Canadian Comparative Lit. Assn.; Société Française d’Étude du Dix-Huitième Siècle. MLA activities: exec. comm., Div. on 18th-Century French Lit., 1985–89; Delegate Assembly, 1990–92; Program Comm., 1999–2000; Nominating Comm., 1992–93; PMLA Ed. Board, 2002–04. Advisory ed., French Literary Studies, Cambridge Univ. Press, 1994–2001. Ed. or advisory boards: Eighteenth-Century Studies, 1977–82; Eighteenth Century: Theory and Interpretation, 1979– ; Études françaises, 1982– ; Substance: A Review of Theory and Literary Criticism, 1997– ; Modern Language Quarterly, 1999– ; European Romantic Review, 2002–10. Publications include The Extravagant Shepherd: A Study of the Pastoral Vision in Rousseau’s Nouvelle Héloïse (1973), The Dialogue of Writing: Essays in Eighteenth-Century French Literature (1984), Dispositions: Quatre essais sur les écrits de Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Stéphane Mallarmé, Marcel Proust et Jacques Derrida (1986), The Proustian Fabric: Associations of Memory (1991); ed., The Ear of the Other: Otobiography, Transference, Translation (1985), Images of Congo: Anne Eisner’s Art and Ethnography, 1946–1958 (2005), Painting My World: The Art of Dorothy Eisner (2009); coed., L’oreille de l’autre: Otobiographie, transferts, traductions (1982), Transformations in Personhood and Culture after Theory: The Languages of History, Aesthetics, and Ethics (1994), Rousseau and Freedom (2010), French Global: A New Approach to Literary History (2010); contrib., The Cambridge Companion to the French Novel: From 1800 to the Present (1997), Eighteenth-Century Literary History: An MLQ Reader (1999), Proust in Perspective: Visions and Revisions (2002), Approaches to Teaching Proust’s Fiction and Criticism (2003), Approaches to Teaching Rousseau’s Confessions and Reveries of the Solitary Walker (2003), Deconstruction: Critical Concepts in Literary and Cultural Studies (2003), The Strange M. Proust (2009), Swann le centenaire (2013); articles in Anthropologie et sociétés, Canadian Review of Comparative Literature, Contemporary French and Francophone Studies, Diacritics, Differences, Diogenes, French Politics and Society, Études françaises, Eighteenth Century, Genre, Harvard Review, Journal of Romance Studies, MLN, Modern Language Quarterly, New Literary History, Passages, Poetics Today, PMLA, Research in African Literatures, Romanic Review, Stanford French Review, Substance, Toronto Quarterly, Yale French Studies.

Diana Taylor. Univ. Prof. and prof. performance studies and Spanish, New York Univ. PhD, Univ. of Washington, Seattle. Founding dir., Hemispheric Inst. of Performance and Politics, New York Univ., 1998– . Previous appointments: Dartmouth Coll., 1982–96; Natl. Univ. of Mexico (UNAM), 1979–81. Resident fellow, Univ. of California Humanities Research Inst., fall 1990; Salzburg Seminar Presidential Fellow, 1996; fellow, Bellagio Center, Rockefeller Foundation, Oct. 2002; Rockefeller humanities fellowship, Centro Regional de Investigaciones Multidisciplinarias, UNAM, fall 2003; Guggenheim fellowship, 2005–06; Amer. Council of Learned Socs. digital innovation fellowship, 2013–14. Katherine Singer Kovacs Prize (for The Archive and the Repertoire), MLA, 2003; Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar, 2012–13. Advisory board, School of Criticism and Theory, Dartmouth Coll., 1988–95; founding codir., Inst. for Women and Social Change, Dartmouth Coll., 1993–97; ch., Board of Directors, East Coast Artists (New York, NY), 1998– ; humanities outreach program advisory board, Repertorio Español (New York, NY), 2001; board member, LaMicro Theater (New York, NY), 2003–05. Exec. comm., New England Council of Latin Amer. Studies, 1992–94; Intl. Comm. ch. (1998–2002) and vice pres. (2000–02), Performance Studies Intl. MLA activities: PMLA Ed. Board, 2005–07. Series ed. (1995–2002) and advisory board (2002– ), Americas, Univ. Press of New England; ed., e-misférica, 2004–08; assoc. ed., Theatre Journal, 1999–2004; contributing ed., Drama Review, 2000– ; contributing ed., Theatre Research International, 2000– . Ed. or advisory boards: Latin American Theatre Review, 1990– ; Univ. Press of New England, 1995–97; Review: Literature and Arts of the Americas, 2005–07. Publications include Theatre of Crisis: Drama and Politics in Latin America (1991), Disappearing Acts: Spectacles of Gender and Nationalism in Argentina’s “Dirty War” (1997), The Archive and the Repertoire: Performing Cultural Memory in the Americas (2003; Portuguese trans., 2012), Performance (2012), Acciones de memoria: Performance, historia y trauma (2012); ed., Fernando Arrabal, El arquitecto ye el emperador de Asiria y Cementerio de automoviles (1984), En busca de una imagen: Ensayos críticos sobre Griselda Gambaro y José Triana (1989); coed., Negotiating Performance: Gender, Sexuality, and Theatricality in Latin/o America (1994), The Politics of Motherhood: Activist Voices from Left to Right (1997), Diana Raznovich, Defiant Acts: Four Plays (2002), Holy Terrors: Latin American Women Perform (2003), Stages of Conflict: A Critical Anthology of Latin American Theater and Performance (2008), Estudios avanzados de performance (2011); guest ed., e-misférica (2004); special-topic coed. (“War”), PMLA (Oct. 2009); guest coed., Gestos (1991), Theatre Research International (2010), e-misférica (2012); contrib., Gendering War Talk (1993), Crucibles of Crisis: Performing Social Change (1996), Latin American Women Dramatists: Theater, Texts, Theories (1998), The Ends of Performance (1998), The Places of History: Regionalism Revisited in Latin America (1999), Performance, pathos, política de los sexos: Teatro postcolonial de autoras latinoamericanas (1999), Mourning Diana: Nation, Culture, and the Performance of Grief (1999), Brecht Sourcebook (2000), Performing Democracy: International Perspectives on Urban Community-Based Performance (2001), Psychoanalysis and Performance (2001), The Color of Theater: Race, Culture, and Contemporary Performance (2002), Internationalizing Cultural Studies (2005), Cultural Agency in the Americas (2006), Rhetorical Visions: Reading and Writing in a Visual Culture (2007), Performing Religion in the Americas: Media, Politics, and Devotional Practices of the Twenty-First Century (2007), The Cambridge Companion to Performance Studies (2008), Telling Ruins in Latin America (2009), Contesting Performance: Global Sites of Research (2010), Rites of Return: Diaspora Poetics and the Politics of Memory (2011), The Rise of Performance Studies: Rethinking Richard Schechner’s Broad Spectrum (2011), Guillermo Gómez-Peña: Homo fronterizus (1492–2020) (2012), Antropologia e performance (2013), Feeling Photography (2014); articles in Ekfrase: Nordisk Tidsskrift for Visuell Kultur, Aletria: Revista de estudos literarios, Apuntes de teatro (Chile), PMLA, Critical Inquiry, Boletín del Centro Latinoamericano de Creación e Investigación Teatral, Drama Review, Review: Literature and Arts in the Americas, Theatre Journal, Dokkyo International Review (Japan), Profession, Conjunto (Cuba), Signs, Teatro al sur (Argentina), Journal of the Association of Research on Mothering, Documenta (Mexico), Modern Language Quarterly, Bucknell Review, Latin American Theatre Review, Performance Arts Journal, Estreno.

Executive Council

The Nominating Committee has selected seven nominees for the MLA Executive Council. The three candidates elected will serve four-year terms that will begin 12 January 2015 and run through the close of the January 2019 convention. The MLA constitution (art. 8.A.5) states that the at-large representation on the council must include at least one representative and no more than six from each of the following fields: English, French, German, Spanish, and other (e.g., other languages and literatures, comparative literature, folklore, linguistics). Since all these fields will continue to be represented on the council in 2015, this year’s candidates may come from any field. However, since five continuing council members come from the field of English, including American, only one person from that field can be elected this year.

The same section of the MLA constitution contains one other provision pertaining to the composition of the council: the at-large membership of the council “shall also include at least one representative, but no more than eight, from each of the eligible membership levels (i.e., regular, graduate student, and life), except that the number of regular members on the council shall always be in proportion to the regular membership of the association. To determine this proportion, the Nominating Committee shall reexamine the proportion of regular members in the membership every three years.” The committee conducted the required examination in 2012 and determined that regular members are constitutionally entitled to eight of the twelve at-large council seats. Since only five of the continuing council members are regular members, all three persons elected this year must be regular members.

A biographical summary for each candidate appears below; members will receive voting instructions in the fall.

Emily S. Apter. Prof. French and comparative lit., New York Univ. PhD, Princeton Univ. Previous appointments: Univ. of California, Los Angeles, 1998–2002, 1993–97; Cornell Univ., 1997–98; Univ. of California, Davis, 1990–93; Williams Coll., 1988–90, 1982–87. French Ministry of Culture fellowship (École Normale Supérieure), 1980–81; NEH summer research grant, 1985; Amer. Council of Learned Socs. (ACLS) research fellowship, 1985–86; Mellon fellowship, Univ. of Pennsylvania, 1989–90; Coll. Art Assn. grant, 1991; senior fellow, Soc. for the Humanities, Cornell Univ., 1993; Rockefeller fellowship, Inst. for Research in African, Diaspora, and Caribbean Culture, City Univ. of New York, 2001; Guggenheim fellowship, 2004; Centre National de Recherche Scientifique grant, 2010; grad. seminar grant (co–principal investigator), Mellon Foundation, 2010–12; Council of the Humanities fellow, Princeton Univ., fall 2014. Visiting appointments: Univ. of Pennsylvania, 1992; Humanities Center, Univ. of Pittsburgh, 2011; Remarque Visiting Prof., New York Univ.–École Normale Supérieure, 2012. Member (elected), New York Humanities Inst., 2003– . Faculty member: French Cultural Studies Summer Inst., Dartmouth Coll., 1995, 1997; Whitney Museum Independent Study Program, 2012– . Judge, Isabel Sibley Awards for Travel and Research, 2003–06; evaluator of fellowship applications, ACLS, 2010–13. Advisory board, Inst. of World Lit., Harvard Univ., 2010– . Advisory board and conference organizing comm. (1995–98), conference organizer (1999), and editorial comm. (for 2005 report on the state of the discipline), Amer. Comparative Lit. Assn.; Semiotic Soc. of America; Coll. Art Assn. MLA activities: PMLA Ed. Board, 1998–2000; Comm. on Honors and Awards, 2001–04 (ch., 2003–04); exec. comm., Div. on Comparative Studies in Romanticism and the 19th Century, 2006–Jan. 2011; Delegate Assembly, 2014–Jan. 2017. Series ed., Translation/Transnation, Princeton Univ. Press, 1998– . Ed. or advisory boards: Diacritics, Francospheres, Public Culture, Women’s Studies Quarterly, Romanic Review, October: A Journal of Art, Theory, Criticism, Politics, Signs, Comparative Literature. Publications include André Gide and the Codes of Homotextuality (1987), Feminizing the Fetish: Psychoanalysis and Narrative Obsession in Turn-of-the-Century France (1991), Continental Drift: From National Characters to Virtual Subjects (1999), The Translation Zone: A New Comparative Literature (2006), Against World Literature: On the Politics of Untranslatability (2013); coed., Fetishism as Cultural Discourse (1993); introd. and coed. of trans., Dictionary of Untranslatables: A Philosophical Lexicon (2014); guest ed., Public Culture (2001); special-topic coed. (“Mobile Citizens, Media States”), PMLA (Jan. 2002); guest coed. (of roundtable), Alphabet City (2000); contrib., Eroticism and the Body Politic (1990), Feminism and Psychoanalysis: A Critical Dictionary (1992), Writing AIDS: Gay Literature, Language, and Analysis (1993), Comparative Literature in the Age of Multiculturalism (1995), After Colonialism: Imperial Histories and Postcolonial Displacements (1995), Spectacles of Realism: Body, Gender, Genre (1995), Performance and Cultural Politics (1996), Coming Out of Feminism? (1998), The Decadent Reader: Fiction, Fantasy, and Perversion from Fin-de-siècle France (1998), Perennial Decay: On the Aesthetics and Politics of Decadence (1999), The Literary Channel: The Inter-national Invention of the Novel (2002), Beyond Dichotomies: Histories, Identities, Cultures, and the Challenge of Globalization (2002), Nation, Language, and the Ethics of Translation (2005), The Lure of the Object (2005), The Columbia History of Twentieth-Century French Thought (2006), Comparative Literature in an Age of Globalization (2006), Perversion: Psychoanalytic Perspectives / Perspectives on Psychoanalysis (2006), Women Artists at the Millennium (2006), Communities of Sense: Rethinking Aesthetics and Politics (2009), Globalization, Political Violence, and Translation (2009), Teaching World Literature (2009), Technologies de contrôle dans la mondialisation: Enjeux politiques, éthiques et esthétiques (2009), Constructing Charisma: Celebrity, Fame, and Power in Nineteenth-Century Europe (2010), French Global: A New Approach to Literary History (2010), A Companion to Comparative Literature (2011), Transnational French Studies: Postcolonialism and Littérature-monde (2011), Modernist Eroticisms: European Literature after Sexology (2012); articles in Romanic Review, Third Text, October, Public Culture, Critique, Sites, Revue LHT, Brooklyn Rail, Revue internationale des livres et des idées, Transnational French Studies, Cabinet, Profession, Boundary 2, Differences, Representations, Artforum, Angelaki, PMLA, Cardozo Law Review, New Literary History, Postmodern Culture, Translation Studies, Arch Literary Journal, Salt, Journal of Visual Culture, Littérature, Transit, Comparative Literary Studies, American Literary History, Comparative Literature, Grey Room, Journal of the Fashion Institute of Technology, Critical Inquiry, Anglistica, Documents, Parallax, MLN, ANY Magazine, Paroles gelées, Substance, Art Journal, L’Esprit Créateur, Fetish: The Princeton Architectural Journal, Design Book Review, Ottagono, National Women’s Studies Association Journal, Assemblage, Poétique, Stanford French Review, French Review.

Theodore Joseph Cachey, Jr. Prof. Italian, Univ. of Notre Dame. PhD, Univ. of California, Los Angeles. Albert J. and Helen M. Ravarino Family Dir., William and Katherine Devers Family Program in Dante Studies, 2001– . Previous appointment: Arizona State Univ., 1986–90. NEH fellowship, 1991–92; fellow, Villa I Tatti, Harvard Univ. Center for Renaissance Studies (Florence), 1995–96. Visiting appointments: Univ. of Chicago, fall 1993 (Alexander White Visiting Assoc. Prof.), spring 2002; Italian School, Middlebury Coll., summer 1999; Univ. of Warsaw, spring 2004; Yale Univ., spring 2008; Charles Speroni Prof. of Italian Lit. and Culture, Univ. of California, Los Angeles, spring 2012. Scaglione Publication Award for a Manuscript in Italian Literary Studies (for Petrarch’s Guide), MLA, 2002. Exec. comm., Center for Renaissance Studies, Newberry Lib., 1994–97; peer reviewer, Italian Natl. Agency for the Evaluation of Univs. and Research Insts., 2004–10. Vice pres. (1989–90), delegate to the Amer. Council on the Teaching of Foreign Langs. (1989–90), and pres. (1990–91), Rocky Mountain MLA; Dante Prize selection comm. (1995, 1996) and councilor (1998–2001), Dante Soc. of America. MLA activities: Delegate Assembly, 1994–96; exec. comm., Div. on Medieval and Renaissance Italian Lit., 1997–2001; Scaglione Publication Award for a Manuscript in Italian Studies Selection Comm., 2001, 2004; Award for Lifetime Scholarly Achievement Review Comm., 2012–14. Founder and coed., William and Katherine Devers Series in Dante and Medieval Italian Lit., Univ. of Notre Dame Press, 1995– ; book review ed. (for Italian lit.), Speculum, 1999–2003. Ed. boards: Italian Culture, 2003– ; Italica, 2008–11; Dante Studies, 2008–11; Tre corone, 2013– ; Nuova rivista di letteratura italiana, 2013– ; Petrarchesca, 2013– . Publications include Le isole fortunate: Appunti di storia letteraria italiana (1995); ed., Dante Now: Current Trends in Dante Studies (1995), Antonio Pigafetta, The First Voyage around the World, 1519–1522: An Account of Magellan’s Expedition (1995; 2nd rev. ed., 2007); ed. and trans., Petrarch’s Guide to the Holy Land (2002); coed., Le culture di Dante: Studi in onore di Robert Hollander (2004), Petrarch and Dante: Anti-Dantism, Metaphysics, Tradition (2009); contrib., Medieval and Renaissance Humanism: Rhetoric, Representation, and Reform (2003), The Contest of Language: Before and Beyond Nationalism (2005), Il Canzoniere: Lettura micro e macrotestuale (2007), Cartography in the European Renaissance (vol. 3 of The History of Cartography, 2007), Petrarch: A Critical Guide to the Complete Works (2009), Boccaccio geografo: Un viaggio nel Mediterraneo tra le città, i giardini e . . . il “mondo” di Giovanni Boccaccio (2010), Boccaccio: A Critical Guide to the Complete Works (2014); articles in Critica del testo (Rome), Italica, MLN, Annali d’italianistica, New Centennial Review, Atti del Seminario Dantesco Internazionale, Belfagor, Schede umanistiche, Letture classensi, Intersezioni, Italianist, Lectura Dantis, Stanford Italian Review, Rivista di letteratura italiana.

Margaret Anne Cohen. Andrew B. Hammond Prof. of French Lang., Lit., and Civilization and prof. comparative lit., Stanford Univ. PhD., Yale Univ. Previous appointment: New York Univ., 1988–2003. Fulbright fellowship (West Germany), 1980–81; Amer. Council of Learned Socs. (ACLS) fellowship, 1991–92; fellowship (funded by the NEH and the Alexander O. Vietor Fund), John Carter Brown Lib., 2002–03; faculty fellow (2004–05) and Violet Andrews Whittier Faculty Fellow (2011–12), Stanford Humanities Center. Visiting appointments: Univ. of Geneva Summer School of Criticism, June 2014. Cowinner, Scaglione Prize in French and Francophone Studies (for The Sentimental Education of the Novel), MLA, 1999; honorable mention, Harry Levin Prize (for The Novel and the Sea), Amer. Comparative Lit. Assn. (ACLA), 2011; Louis R. Gottschalk Prize (for The Novel and the Sea), Amer. Soc. for Eighteenth-Century Studies, 2011; Barbara Perkins and George Perkins Prize (for The Novel and the Sea), Intl. Soc. for the Study of Narrative, 2012. Evaluator or panelist: NEH, 1989; ACLS, 2003; Natl. Humanities Center, 2009; Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, 2009; Amer. Acad. in Berlin, Nov. 2011. Selection comm. ch., Harry Levin Prize, ACLA, 2012–14. MLA activities: exec. comm., Div. on Comparative Studies in Romanticism and the 19th Century, 1993–97; Program Comm., 2000–03; Lowell Prize Selection Comm., 2003–04 (ch., 2004); Comm. on Honors and Awards, 2006–09 (ch., 2007–09). Ed. collective, Social Text, 1989–96; advisory board, Dix-Neuf: Journal of the Society of Dix-Neuviémistes, 2003– ; series advisory board, FlashPoints, Univ. of California Press, 2007–11; comité d’honneur, Écrire l’histoire, 2007– . Publications include Profane Illumination: Walter Benjamin and the Paris of Surrealist Revolution (1993), The Sentimental Education of the Novel (1999), The Novel and the Sea (2010); ed., Gustave Flaubert, Madame Bovary (Norton, 2nd ed., 2004); ed. and trans., Madame Cottin, Claire d’Albe (2002); coed., Spectacles of Realism: Body, Gender, Genre (1995), The Literary Channel: The Inter-national Invention of the Novel (2002); contrib., Literate Women and the French Revolution (1995), Rethinking 1895: Cinema and the Invention of Modern Life (1995), The Cambridge Companion to the French Novel: From 1800 to the Present (1997), Encyclopedia of Aesthetics (1998), The Seductions of the Novel: Staël’s Corinne in Critical Inquiry (1999), La modernité avant Haussmann (2001), Storia del romanzo (2002), The Cambridge Companion to Walter Benjamin (2004), The Nineteenth-Century Visual Culture Reader (2004), Urban Imaginaries: Locating the Modern City (2007), The Nineteenth-Century Novel, 1820–1880 (2012), Patrick Trefz, Surfers’ Blood (2012); articles in Representations, PMLA, Novel, MLN, Cabinet, New Literary History, Visual Anthropology Review, Social Text, Cultural Critique, Boundary 2, New German Critique, L’Esprit Créateur, Dada/Surrealism.

Eric Hayot. Distinguished prof. comparative lit. and Asian studies, Penn State Univ., University Park. PhD, Univ. of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. Previous appointments: Univ. of Arizona, 2001–07; Univ. of Northern Iowa, 2000–01; Auburn Univ., 2000–01. Mellon Foundation fellowship, Huntington Lib., 2005; Folger Inst. grant, 2009; Fulbright scholar (Germany), Inst. of Intl. Educ., 2013–14; assoc. fellow, Heidelberg Center for Transcultural Studies, Univ. of Heidelberg, 2013–14. Visiting appointments: Beijing Foreign Studies Univ., spring 1998; Princeton Univ., spring 2013. Dean’s Distinguished Teaching Award, Coll. of Humanities, Univ. of Arizona, 2003; Erasmus Award (for advising), Dept. of Comparative Lit., Penn State Univ., 2008, 2010; Modernist Studies Assn. Book Prize (for The Hypothetical Mandarin), 2010; Class of 1933 Distinction in the Humanities Award, Coll. of the Liberal Arts, Penn State Univ., 2010; Faculty Scholar Medal, Penn State Univ., 2014. Panelist, Boren Fellowships, Acad. for Educational Development, 2003, 2005. Advisory board (2009–10), second vice pres. (2011–12), vice pres. (2012–13), pres. (2013–14), and past pres. (2014–15), ACLA; program comm., Modernist Studies Assn., 2010. MLA activities: Publications Comm., 2010–13; Scaglione Prize for Comparative Literary Studies Selection Comm., 2011–13 (ch., 2012). Series ed., Global Asias, Oxford Univ. Press; assoc. ed., Comparative Literature Studies, 2008– ; assoc. ed., The Routledge Encyclopedia of Modernism, 2013– ; coed., Verge: Studies in Global Asias, 2014– . Advisory boards: Arizona Quarterly, 2004– ; Journal of Modern Literature, 2010– ; Atlantic Studies, 2014– . Publications include Chinese Dreams: Pound, Brecht, Tel quel (2004), The Hypothetical Mandarin: Sympathy, Modernity, and Chinese Pain (2009), On Literary Worlds (2012), The Elements of Academic Style: Writing for the Humanities (2014); coed., Sinographies: Writing China (2007); guest ed., Modern Chinese Literature and Culture (2006), Comparative Literature Studies (2011); guest coed., Comparative Literature (2005), Game Studies (2009); contrib., Pacific Rim Modernisms (2009), Global Chinese Literature (2010), Modernism and Copyright (2011), A Companion to Comparative Literature (2011), The Routledge Companion to World Literature (2011), The Oxford Handbook of Global Modernisms (2012), The Routledge Companion to Asian American and Pacific Islander Literature (2014); articles in English Language Notes, Social Text, New Literary History, Modern Language Quarterly, PMLA, Representations, Contemporary Literature, Comparative Literature Studies, Postmodern Culture, Mediations: Journal of the Marxist Literary Group.

Kathi Inman Berens. Lecturer, Annenberg School of Communication, Univ. of Southern California (USC). PhD, Univ. of California, Berkeley. Previous appointment: assoc. prof. (teaching), Dornsife Coll. of Liberal Arts and Sciences Writing Program, USC, 2000–09. Participant, Dickens Universe, Univ. of California, Santa Cruz, summer 1996; grant (for creation of online journal), Fund for Innovative Undergrad. Teaching, USC, 2003–04; fellow (2005–08) and distinguished fellow (2009– ), Center for Excellence in Teaching, USC; postdoctoral fellowship, Mobile Technology Research Initiative, Washington State Univ., Vancouver, summer 2011; participant, Digital Humanities Summer Inst., Univ. of Victoria, 2012; IBM Faculty Award (for work with virtual classroom software), 2012; Fulbright scholar, Digital Culture Research Group, Univ. of Bergen (Norway), 2014–15. Visiting appointment: Univ. of California, Berkeley, spring 1997. General Educ. Teaching Excellence Award for Advanced Writing, USC, 2003; Teaching Has No Boundaries Award (for mentoring), USC, 2005. Founder and dir., Undergrad. Writers’ Conference, USC, 2005–08; mentor, Future Professoriate Program, Center for Excellence in Teaching, USC, 2006–08; faculty mentor, Inverted Classroom Project, Center for Scholarly Technology, USC, 2012–13; Research Council, Annenberg Innovation Lab, USC, 2012– . Curator, Media Arts Show, Electronic Lit. Org., 2014; cocurator, Electronic Literature (electronic lit. exhibit), MLA, Jan. 2012; cocurator, Avenues of Access (electronic lit. exhibit), MLA, Jan. 2013; cocurator, Showcase of Electronic Literature, Lib. of Congress, Apr. 2013. Assn. for Computers and the Humanities, Electronic Lit. Org., Technology Assn. of Oregon. Chapter ed. (for learning interfaces), Digital Pedagogy Reader and Toolkit, 2012– ; advisory board, I Love E-poetry, 2013– . Publications include articles in Hybrid Pedagogy, Los Angeles Review of Books, Chronicle of Higher Education, Alimentum: The Literature of Food, Authoring Software (Web site).

Vicky Unruh. Prof. Spanish, Univ. of Kansas (KU). PhD, Univ. of Texas, Austin. Previous appointment: Univ. of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, 1984–88. Danforth Foundation fellowship, 1978–81; Tinker Foundation field research grant, 1983; postdoctoral fellowship, Center for Twentieth-Century Studies, Univ. of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, 1985–86; fellow, Hall Center for the Humanities, KU, fall 1997; NEH fellowship, 2001. Visiting appointment: Assn. of Marquette Univ. Women Chair in Humanistic Studies, Marquette Univ., 2010–11. Cramer Award (recognition for research), KU, 1990, 2000, 2003, 2006; Grad. Mentor Achievement Award, Grad. School, KU, 2001; recognition for grad. teaching, Center for Teaching Excellence, KU, 2003; Louise Byrd Grad. Educator Award, Grad. School, KU, 2003; Chancellor’s Club Career Teaching Award, KU, 2013. Grant referee: NEH, 1995; Amer. Council of Learned Socs., 2001, 2002, 2003; Rockefeller Foundation, 2003. Latin Amer. Studies Assn., Midwest MLA. MLA activities: exec. comm., Div. on 20th-Century Latin Amer. Lit., 1999–03; Delegate Assembly, 2001–03; PMLA Advisory Comm., 2002–05; Nominating Comm., 2003–04; PMLA Ed. Board, 2007–09; exec. comm., Discussion Group on Cuban and Cuban Diaspora Cultural Production, 2010–Jan. 2015. Asst. ed. (2008– ), assoc. ed. (1989–2007), and acting ed. (fall 1994), Latin American Theatre Review. Ed. or advisory boards: Latin American Research Review, 1989–94; Anuario mariateguiano (Lima), 1995–97; Corners: On-line Journal of the Avant-Garde, 1998–2002; Revista iberoamericana, 2002–10. Publications include Latin American Vanguards: The Art of Contentious Encounters (1994), Performing Women and Modern Literary Culture in Latin America (2006); special-topic ed. (“Work”), PMLA (Oct. 2012); coed., Telling Ruins in Latin America (2009); contrib., In a Different Reality: Studies on the Works of Elena Garro (1990), One Hundred Years of Invention: Oswald de Andrade and the Modern Tradition in Latin American Literature (1992), Latin American Women Dramatists: Theater, Texts, and Theories (1998), Naciendo el hombre nuevo: Fundir literatura, artes y vida como práctica de las vanguardias en el Mundo Ibérico (1999), Voice-Overs: Translation and Latin American Literature (2002), Narrativa femenina en América Latina: Prácticas y perspectivas teóricas (2003), Alejo Carpentier: Acá y allá (2007), The Oxford Handbook of Global Modernisms (2012); articles in PMLA, Latin American Research Review, Revista de estudios hispánicos, Hispanic Review, Revista iberoamericana, Revista de crítica literaria latinoamericana, Revista canadiense de estudios hispánicos, Modern Drama, Romance Quarterly, Latin American Literary Review, Discurso literario, Latin American Theatre Review, Hispania, Siglo XX / 20th Century, Studies in 20th- and 21st-Century Literature, Anuario mariateguiano, Boletín del Archivo Nacional de Teatro y Cine del Ateneo Puertorriqueño.

Nicole B. Wallack. Dir., Undergrad. Writing Program, and senior lecturer English, Columbia Univ. PhD, New York Univ. Non-tenure-track faculty representative, Univ. Senate, Columbia Univ., 2013– . Willy Gorrisen Award, Writing Center, New York Univ., Oct. 2002. Senior faculty assoc. and advisory board member, Inst. for Writing and Thinking, Bard Coll., 1998– ; steering comm., Ivy-Plus Writing Consortium, 2007– . Vice pres., New York Metro affiliate, Council of Writing Program Administrators, 2010– ; Natl. Council of Teachers of English; Intl. Assn. of Writing Researchers; Conference on Coll. Composition and Communication. MLA activities: Comm. on Contingent Labor in the Profession, 2012–15. Publications include contrib., Enduring Questions and Essential Practices: Reflections on Writing-Based Teaching (2009), Teaching with Student Texts (2011); review in Fourth Genre.

Special-Interest Delegates

The 2014 Elections Committee has nominated the following candidates to replace the twenty special-interest delegates whose terms in the assembly will expire on 11 January 2015. Each pairing represents a contest. The term of office of those elected will be from 12 January 2015 through the close of the January 2018 convention. Members may vote in any or all of the special-interest contests and will receive detailed voting instructions in the fall. At that time, candidate information (biographical summaries and statements on matters of professional concern) will be posted in the members-only area of the MLA Web site.

Continuing and Distance Education (1)
Mona Momescu, Columbia Univ. / Shun-Chang Kevin Tsai, Indiana Univ., Bloomington

Disability Issues (1)
Olivia Banner, Rice Univ. / Joseph Paul Fisher, George Washington Univ.

Ethnic Studies (4)
Frank Cha, John Tyler Community Coll., VA / Corbett Upton, Univ. of Oregon ♦ Steven Harrison, Idaho State Univ. / Veli N. Yashin, Columbia Univ. ♦ Clement Akassi, Howard Univ. / Ignacio F. Rodeño, Univ. of Alabama, Tuscaloosa ♦ Venetria Kirsten Patton, Purdue Univ., West Lafayette / Megan L. Sweeney, Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Foreign Language Teaching (1)
Chia-ju Chang, Brooklyn Coll., City Univ. of New York / Yukiko Hanawa, New York Univ.

Graduate Students (2)
Joshua Bennett, Princeton Univ. / Brandon Manning, Ohio State Univ., Columbus ♦ Kathryn Stewart, Middlebury Coll. / Susan Weeber, Penn State Univ., University Park

Lecturers, Adjuncts, and Instructors (1)
Jessica Tsui-Yan Li, York Univ. / Benjamin Ridgway, Grinnell Coll.

Less-Taught Languages (1)
Michael Day, National Univ. / Paul Manfredi, Pacific Lutheran Univ.

Politics and the Profession (2)
Masood Raja, Univ. of North Texas / Stephen Sheehi, Univ. of South Carolina, Columbia ♦ Karyn Marie Ball, Univ. of Alberta / Jeffrey R. Di Leo, Univ. of Houston, Victoria

Retired (1)
Qui-Phiet Tran, Schreiner Univ. / Timothy F. Weiss, Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong

Scholars Residing outside the United States and Canada (1)
Tahia Abdel Nasser, American Univ. in Cairo / Anthony Adler, Yonsei Univ.

Two-Year Colleges (2)
Lois Jean Gilmore, Bucks County Community Coll., PA / Elizabeth Marie Zanichkowsky, Univ. of Wisconsin Colls. ♦ Sharon Ahern Fechter, Montgomery Coll., Rockville Campus, MD / Charlotte Pressler, South Florida State Coll.

Women in the Profession (3)
Sukanya Banerjee, Univ. of Wisconsin, Milwaukee / Rini Bhattacharya Mehta, Univ. of Illinois, Urbana ♦ Anne Clark Bartlett, DePaul Univ. / Janice A. Radway, Northwestern Univ. ♦ Zarena Aslami, Michigan State Univ. / Joyce Lynn Tolliver, Univ. of Illinois, Urbana

Regional Delegates

The Elections Committee also nominated the following candidates to replace the thirty-seven regional delegates whose terms will expire on 11 January 2015. Each pairing represents a contest. The term of office of those elected will be from 12 January 2015 through the close of the January 2018 convention. Members may vote in all contests in any one region and will receive detailed voting instructions in the fall. At that time, candidate information (biographical summaries and statements on matters of professional concern) will be posted in the members-only area of the MLA Web site.

Region 1: New England and Eastern Canada (5)
Felicia Nimue Ackerman, Brown Univ. / Maureen T. Reddy, Rhode Island Coll. ♦ Maura D'Amore, Saint Michael's Coll. / Lauren Vedal, Bates Coll. ♦ Marc Fortin, Université de Sherbrooke / Trevor Sawler, Saint Thomas Univ., NB ♦ Baltasar Fra-Molinero, Bates Coll. / Luiz Fernando Valente, Brown Univ. ♦ Danielle Barkley, McGill Univ. / Sara Dunton, Univ. of New Brunswick

Region 2: New York State (4)
Caroline Denise Breashears, Saint Lawrence Univ. / Sarah E. Chinn, Hunter Coll., City Univ. of New York ♦ Julie J. Park, Vassar Coll. / Rebecca Sanchez, Fordham Univ., Bronx ♦ Rachel Eisendrath, Barnard Coll. / Caroline Kyungah Hong, Queens Coll., City Univ. of New York ♦ Sharina Maillo Pozo, Graduate Center, City Univ. of New York / Rachel Stein, Columbia Univ.

Region 3: Middle Atlantic (5)
Lara Langer Cohen, Swarthmore Coll. / Danielle St. Hilaire, Duquesne Univ. ♦ Stefanie E. Sobelle, Gettysburg Coll. / Lily Wong, American Univ. ♦ Stephen Matthew Brockmann, Carnegie Mellon Univ. / L. Scott Lerner, Franklin and Marshall Coll. ♦ Audrey A. Fisch, New Jersey City Univ. / Tamara A. Goeglein, Franklin and Marshall Coll. ♦ Corey Lamont, Howard Univ. / Mike Strayer, Johns Hopkins Univ.

Region 4: Great Lakes (6)
Nasser Mufti, Univ. of Illinois, Chicago / Laura Williamson Ambrose, Saint Mary’s Coll., IN ♦ Donald F. Larsson, Minnesota State Univ. / Anuradha Dingwaney Needham, Oberlin Coll. ♦ Richard Squibbs, DePaul Univ. / Christopher J. Taylor, Univ. of Chicago ♦ Feisal G. Mohamed, Univ. of Illinois, Urbana / Jamil Mustafa, Lewis Univ. ♦ Amy Mulligan, Univ. of Notre Dame / candidate unconfirmed ♦ James Daniel Elam, Northwestern Univ. / Tristan Schweiger, Univ. of Chicago

Region 5: South (6)
Olivia Jones Choplin, Elon Univ. / Erdag Goknar, Duke Univ. ♦ Laura Christine Deiulio, Christopher Newport Univ. / Jill LeRoy-Frazier, East Tennessee State Univ. ♦ Ana Corbalan, Univ. of Alabama, Tuscaloosa / Débora Maldonado-DeOliveira, Meredith Coll. ♦ William Hutchings, Univ. of Alabama, Birmingham / John McGowan, Univ. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill ♦ Lakey Lakey, Florida State Univ. / Olubunmi Oguntolu, Univ. of Florida ♦ Elizabeth Grassmann, Univ. of Alabama, Tuscaloosa / Svetlana Tyutina, Florida International Univ.

Region 6: Central and Rocky Mountain (5)
Katia C. Bezerra, Univ. of Arizona / Cynthia Margarita Tompkins, Arizona State Univ. ♦ Vanessa Doriott Anderson, Wartburg Coll. / Johanna E. Schuster-Craig, Cornell Coll. ♦ Willis A. Salomon, Trinity Univ., TX / candidate unconfirmed ♦ Carlos Abreu Mendoza, Texas State Univ., San Marcos (as of Aug. 2014) / Michael S. Collins, Texas A&M Univ., College Station ♦ Eveline Bailey, Univ. of Houston / Dayna Epley, Univ. of North Texas

Region 7: Western US and Western Canada (6)
Ali Behdad, Univ. of California, Los Angeles / David Palumbo-Liu, Stanford Univ. ♦ Stacey Lee Donohue, Central Oregon Community Coll. / Jennifer Schwenk Nelson, Coll. of Southern Nevada ♦ Uri McMillan, Univ. of California, Los Angeles / Roy Pérez, Willamette Univ. ♦ Erica Edwards, Univ. of California, Riverside / Tiffany Jo Werth, Simon Fraser Univ. ♦ Natalie Strobach, Univ. of California, Davis / candidate unconfirmed ♦ Ian Afflerbach, Univ. of California, Davis / Brian Gutierrez, Univ. of Washington, Seattle


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