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PMLA is the journal of the Modern Language Association of America. Since 1884 PMLA has published members’ essays judged to be of interest to scholars and teachers of language and literature. Four issues each year (January, March, May, and October) present essays on language and literature, and the November issue is the program for the association’s annual convention. (Up until 2009, there was also an issue in September, the Directory, containing a listing of the association’s members, a directory of departmental administrators, and other professional information. Its contents are now online.) Each issue of PMLA is sent directly to about 26,000 college and university teachers of English and foreign languages who belong to the association and to about 1,800 libraries throughout the world.

PMLA Online (full text available through library subscription only)
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Purchasing Issues of PMLA

Editor and Staff

Simon Gikandi
Princeton University

Managing Editor
Judy Goulding

Associate Managing Editor
Eric Wirth

Associate Editor
Barney Latimer

Assistant Editors
Christiane Angeli
John D. Golbach

Advertising Manager and Submissions Associate
Annabel Schneider

Editorial Assistant
Claire Luchette

Editorial Board

Scott Black, 2016
University of Utah

Tom Clark Conley, 2016
Harvard University

Julia Hell, 2015
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Samuel Otter, 2016
University of California, Berkeley

Kalpana Seshadri, 2015
Boston College

Noël Valis, 2015
Yale University

Advisory Committee

Eva Badowska, 2016
Fordham University

David J. Bartholomae, 2017
University of Pittsburgh

Marcellus Blount, 2015
Columbia University

Susan Berry Brill de Ramírez, 2016
Bradley University

Martin Joseph Camargo, 2015
University of Illinois, Urbana

Julie Ann Carlson, 2015
University of California, Santa Barbara

Samuel Cohen, 2017
University of Missouri, Columbia

Ana Corbalan, 2017
University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa

Robert J. Corber, 2016
Trinity College

Tyler Curtain, 2017
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Jenny Davidson, 2015
Columbia University

William E. Egginton, 2017
Johns Hopkins University

Patrick Michael Erben, 2016
University of West Georgia

Stephen M. Fallon, 2015
University of Notre Dame

Grant Farred, 2015
Cornell University

Cristina Ferreira-Pinto Bailey, 2017
Washington and Lee University

Andrea Marie Frisch, 2017
University of Maryland, College Park

Debjani Ganguly, 2015
Australian National University

Rebecca Garden, 2015
Upstate Medical University, State University of New York

Susan Gillman, 2016
University of California, Santa Cruz

Tobias B. Gregory, 2017
Catholic University of America

Jack Halberstam, 2015
University of Southern California

Waïl S. Hassan, 2017
New York University, Abu Dhabi

Donald Hedrick, 2015
Kansas State University

Scott Herring, 2017
Indiana University, Bloomington

Alison S. James, 2017
University of Chicago

Matthew J. Kinservik, 2016
University of Delaware, Newark

Christopher M. Lupke, 2015
Washington State University, Pullman

Jann Matlock, 2016
University College London

Brinda J. Mehta, 2015
Mills College

Graziella Parati, 2016
Dartmouth College

Andrew C. Parker, 2016
Rutgers University, New Brunswick

Charles A. Perrone, 2016
University of Florida

Kevin M. F. Platt, 2016
University of Pennsylvania

Juan Eduardo Poblete, 2017
University of California, Santa Cruz

Karlis Racevskis, 2015
Ohio State University, Columbus

Ann Marie Rasmussen, 2016
Duke University

José M. Rodríguez García, 2015
Duke University

John L. Schilb, 2017
Indiana University, Bloomington

Gabriele M. Schwab, 2015
University of California, Irvine

Linda M. Shires, 2017
Stern College, Yeshiva University

David R. Shumway, 2016
Carnegie Mellon University

Johannes von Moltke, 2016
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Heather Willis Allen, 2017
University of Wisconsin, Madison

David Joseph Wrisley, 2015
American University of Beirut


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