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Bulletin Job Articles

Operationalized Democracy: Teaching English at the Community College

Advice to Candidates for Positions in Small Colleges: A Report to Chairmen

Young Blood and Other Gothic Inspirations: The Hiring Process

When Do I Knock On the Hotel Room Door?: The MLA Convention Job Interview

How to Talk about Teaching in the MLA Interview

How to Talk about Scholarship in the MLA Interview

The On-Campus Interview

What Is a Comprehensive University, and Do I Want to Work There?

The Most of It: Hiring at a Nonelite College

The Job Search: Observations of a Reader of 177 Letters of Application

Identity and Economics; Or, the Job Placement Procedural

The Protocols of the Job Search

A Chair's Notes toward a Definition of Scholarship in the Small State University

Negotiating a Job Offer

The Stars and Ourselves: An Ordinary Person's Guide to the English Market

The Inappropriate Question

Keeping in Touch and out of Trouble: E-mail, the Web, and the Job Search

The MLA Interview: The Department's Perspective

Intellectuals for Hire

Joining the Circus: Leaving a Tenure-Track Position

From Rumors to Facts: Career Outcomes of English PhDs

Test Your Assumptions Quiz

Answers to the Test Your Assumptions Quiz

Writing Letters of Recommendation for Academic Jobs

The Scholar in Trade Publishing

The Tower and the Web


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