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African American Literature Collection
The African American Literature Collection contains five Approaches to Teaching volumes (click on each title to get book information). MLA members receive a 20% discount on Approaches collections.

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Afro-American Literature
The Reconstruction of Instruction
This book is devoted exclusively to critical discussions of Afro-American literature and focuses specifically on critical issues that are especially pertinent to designing courses in Afro-American literature. ... more info

Editor(s): Dexter Fisher, Robert B. Stepto

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American Indian Literatures
American Indian Literatures is a thorough guide to the genres and major authors of both oral and written literatures and to scholarship in the field. ... more info

Author(s): A. LaVonne Brown Ruoff

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The Female Bildungsroman in English
An Annotated Bibliography of Criticism
Fuderer's introductory essay traces the academic discussion of the topic from the early 1970s to the present; the bibliography lists 133 books, articles, and dissertations that deal either with the... more info

Author(s): Laura Sue Fuderer

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Nineteenth-Century American Literature Collection
The Nineteenth-Century American Literature Collection contains seven Approaches to Teaching volumes (click on each title to get book information). MLA members receive a 20% discount on Approaches collections.

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Professions of Desire
Lesbian and Gay Studies in Literature
Professions of Desire includes examples of lesbian and gay literary analysis and thoughtful discussions about what it means to be lesbian, gay, or queer in the literature classroom. ... more info

Editor(s): George E. Haggerty, Bonnie Zimmerman

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Redefining American Literary History
Redefining American Literary History presents seventeen essays and six bibliographies linked, in the words of the introduction, by "a commitment to deal with history and attributes of literature in ways... more info

Editor(s): A. LaVonne Brown Ruoff, Jerry W. Ward, Jr.

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Redrawing the Boundaries
The Transformation of English and American Literary Studies
In this collection of essays, twenty-four leading scholars examine the major developments that have expanded the horizons of English and American literary studies during recent decades. ... more info

Editor(s): Stephen Greenblatt, Giles Gunn

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A Research Guide for Undergraduate Students (6th edition)
"This title holds place in the undergraduate reference canon alongside the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers. It belongs in every undergraduate library and in the hands of students... more info

Author(s): Nancy L. Baker, Nancy Huling

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A Resource Guide to Asian American Literature
An informative and original collection of twenty-five essays, the Resource Guide to Asian American Literature offers background materials for the study of this expanding discipline and suggests strategies and ideas... more info

Editor(s): Sau-ling Cynthia Wong, Stephen H. Sumida

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Studies in American Indian Literature
"An excellent literary survey and resource book for instructors interested in developing college-level courses on American Indians." Explorations in Sights and Sounds "The result of careful and informed research, this... more info

Editor(s): Paula Gunn Allen

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Teaching Women's Literature from a Regional Perspective
This collection of essays and materials aims to help teachers design courses in which students use out-of-print books, autobiographies, letters, diaries, memoirs, and oral testimonies by the women of their... more info

Editor(s): Leonore Hoffmann, Deborah Rosenfelt

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Three American Literatures
This well-chosen selection contributes to our understanding of the psychological and cultural complexities of these minority groups and helps us, as Baker suggests, 'arrive at a [more] just assessment of... more info

Editor(s): Houston A. Baker, Jr.

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The Transcendentalists
A Review of Research and Criticism
Essential for any collection of Americana, this volume is the first and only comprehensive bibliography of works on the Transcendentalists of the nineteenth century and their major contemporary critics. ... more info

Editor(s): Joel Myerson

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Women's Personal Narratives
Essays in Criticism and Pedagogy
Using autobiographical sources such as letters, diaries, and oral testimonies, the contributors to this volume suggest possibilities for approaching these materials as literature and introducing them into the classroom. ... more info

Editor(s): Leonore Hoffmann, Margo Culley

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Asian American Literature
"A useful addition to libraries seeking to provide access for students and scholars to the full cultural diversity of the US." ... more info

Compiler(s): King-Kok Cheung, Stan Yogi

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Approaches to Teaching Cather's My Ántonia
Unlike many other great works of English literature, My Ántonia is immediately accessible to today's students. "Cather's novel is so clear," Susan J. Rosowski says, "so apparently effortless, that it... more info

Editor(s): Susan J. Rosowski

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Approaches to Teaching Chopin's The Awakening
An MLA survey taken in preparation for this volume indicates that teachers are using The Awakening in no fewer than twenty areas of the college curriculum--from freshman writing and textual... more info

Editor(s): Bernard Koloski

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Approaches to Teaching DeLillo's White Noise
"I believe that this collection of essays will be of great value to instructors of White Noise. The essays in the volume are lively, accessible, opinionated (in a good sense),... more info

Editor(s): Tim Engles, John N. Duvall

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Approaches to Teaching Dickinson's Poetry
The life and the range of topics and tones of Emily Dickinson suit her to be included in such courses as American literature, Romanticism, realism, nineteenth-century culture, and women's literary... more info

Editor(s): Robin Riley Fast, Christine Mack Gordon

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Approaches to Teaching Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass
One of the most frequently taught slave narratives, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass is assigned in many courses, including American and African American literature, African American studies, women's... more info

Editor(s): James C. Hall

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Approaches to Teaching Eliot's Poetry and Plays
According to a survey of English teachers, most students are introduced to T. S. Eliot's poetry during the first two years of college. ... more info

Editor(s): Jewel Spears Brooker

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Approaches to Teaching Ellison's Invisible Man
Teachers of Invisible Man differ about which aspect of Ralph Ellison's novel deserves the most emphasis. According to Susan Resneck Parr, a coeditor of this volume, "some [teachers] argue that... more info

Editor(s): Susan Resneck Parr, Pancho Savery

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Approaches to Teaching the Works of Louise Erdrich
This volume seeks to enrich teachers--and students--understanding of the fictional world Louise Erdrich creates and to address the challenges of teaching her novels and poetry. ... more info

Editor(s): Greg Sarris, Connie A. Jacobs, James R. Giles

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Approaches to Teaching Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying
"This volume of essays on As I Lay Dying will fill a longtime need for teachers and students of Faulkner. The editors have provided us with an aid that should... more info

Editor(s): Patrick O'Donnell, Lynda Zwinger

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Approaches to Teaching Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury
The works of William Faulkner have become part of the undergraduate canon in the decades since he received the Nobel Prize in 1950. While many of Faulkner's novels and stories... more info

Editor(s): Stephen Hahn, Arthur F. Kinney

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Approaches to Teaching Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby
The casebound edition of this title is out of print. "Approaches to Teaching Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby offers instructors a resource they did not have before—a comprehensive guidebook... more info

Editor(s): Jackson R. Bryer, Nancy P. VanArsdale

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Approaches to Teaching Gilman's "The Yellow Wall-Paper" and Herland
Although the rediscovery in 1973 of the long-forgotten story "The Yellow Wall-Paper" (1892), by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, met an enthusiastic reception, no one expected the enormous impact it would have,... more info

Editor(s): Denise D. Knight, Cynthia J. Davis

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Approaches to Teaching Gothic Fiction
The British and American Traditions
Recent decades have seen a revival of scholarly interest in Gothic fiction. Critics are attracted to the genre's exploration of irrationality, to its dark representation of the bourgeois family and... more info

Editor(s): Diane Long Hoeveler, Tamar Heller

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Approaches to Teaching H.D.’s Poetry and Prose
"An impressive volume . . . I am struck by the richness and variety of approaches to teaching H.D." Cynthia Hogue, Arizona State University The poet Hilda Doolittle (H.D.)... more info

Editor(s): Annette Debo, Lara Vetter

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Approaches to Teaching Hurston's Their Eyes Were Watching God and Other Works
"A worthwhile pick for literary collections." Midwest Book Review "The strength of this volume is that it presents Hurston's work from a variety of perspectives and thus conveys to teachers... more info

Editor(s): John Lowe

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Approaches to Teaching Henry James's Daisy Miller and The Turn of the Screw
Daisy Miller and The Turn of the Screw, two of Henry James's most frequently taught works, have great appeal to both students and instructors. ... more info

Editor(s): Kimberly C. Reed, Peter G. Beidler

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Approaches to Teaching Kingston's The Woman Warrior
One of the goals of Approaches to Teaching Kingston's The Woman Warrior is "to introduce teachers and students to the larger body of Asian American and ethnic literature [and] to... more info

Editor(s): Shirley Geok-lin Lim

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Approaches to Teaching Melville's Moby-Dick
Pondering the physical and metaphysical implications of the whale's circulatory system, the narrator of Moby-Dick says, "But how easy and how hopeless to teach these fine things!" ... more info

Editor(s): Martin Bickman

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Approaches to Teaching Miller's Death of a Salesman
"If one were to hazard a guess as to what American play is the most studied at the university level," writes Matthew C. Roudané, "it might not be too fanciful... more info

Editor(s): Matthew C. Roudané

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Approaches to Teaching Momaday's The Way to Rainy Mountain
The 1969 Pulitzer Prize winner for literature, N. Scott Momaday is considered one of the greatest of twentieth-century Native American writers. ... more info

Editor(s): Kenneth M. Roemer

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Approaches to Teaching the Novels of Toni Morrison
Teachers started assigning the novels of Toni Morrison long before she won the 1993 Nobel Prize in literature and before there was a significant body of secondary literature on the... more info

Editor(s): Nellie Y. McKay, Kathryn Earle

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Approaches to Teaching Nabokov's Lolita
"Professors Kuzmanovich and Diment have compiled a volume that can only improve the teaching of Nabokov’s best-known work." Slavic and East European Journal "The volume provides a wide array of... more info

Editor(s): Zoran Kuzmanovich, Galya Diment

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Approaches to Teaching the Works of Tim O’Brien
"This new Approaches collection is both for aficionados of Tim O’Brien (and Vietnam literature) and for those with somewhat broader literary interests. I have nothing but glowing praise for its... more info

Editor(s): Alex Vernon, Catherine Calloway

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Approaches to Teaching Poe's Prose and Poetry
"The essays provide practical activities that can be readily attempted by teachers who are open to a variety of pedagogical techniques—and who have been frustrated by students' preconceptions concerning Poe."... more info

Editor(s): Jeffrey Andrew Weinstock, Tony Magistrale

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Approaches to Teaching Pynchon's The Crying of Lot 49 and Other Works
"This helpful volume will benefit all who engage with Pynchon's work. Highly recommended." Choice "Highly recommended for college library literary studies collections." Midwest Book Review We are... more info

Editor(s): Thomas H. Schaub

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Approaches to Teaching Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin
Although rarely found on college syllabi just two decades ago, Uncle Tom's Cabin is (according to an MLA survey) one of the most frequently named additions to nineteenth-century American literature... more info

Editor(s): Elizabeth Ammons, Susan Belasco

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Approaches to Teaching Thoreau's Walden and Other Works
In a recent survey of college teachers, Walden was mentioned more frequently than any other work as a text regularly included in nineteenth-century American literature courses. ... more info

Editor(s): Richard J. Schneider

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Approaches to Teaching Whitman's Leaves of Grass
Called the great poet of America by the writer Max Eastman in 1943, Walt Whitman has in the past few decades secured a largely unchallenged place in the literary canon. ... more info

Editor(s): Donald D. Kummings

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Approaches to Teaching Wiesel's Night
"Rosen's collection is a valuable source for teachers, providing multiple perspectives and insight into the many levels of interpretation of a seminal Holocaust memoir." S. Lillian Kremer, author, Women's Holocaust... more info

Editor(s): Alan Rosen

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Approaches to Teaching Wright's Native Son
Richard Wright predicted that Bigger Thomas, his most powerful literary creation, would become "a symbolic figure of American life, a figure who would hold within him the prophecy of our... more info

Editor(s): James A. Miller

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Literary Research Guide
An Annotated Listing of Reference Sources in English Literary Studies (Sixth Edition)
“Animatedly, energetically, enthusiastically, and vigorously recommended . . . it should serve as a model for bringing a printed reference online.”... more info

Author(s): James L. Harner

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Teaching Italian American Literature, Film, and Popular Culture
"This journey through the diverse and varied legacy of the Italian American experience constitutes an innovative tool and resource guide for many other fields and disciplines." Simona Zecchi, i-Italy... more info

Editor(s): Edvige Giunta, Kathleen Zamboni McCormick

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Teaching the Literatures of Early America
In this era of shifting geopolitical boundaries, numerous books and articles question what "American" literature is, what "the literary" is, and how what is called early American literature can best... more info

Editor(s): Carla Mulford

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Teaching Nineteenth-Century American Poetry
"This volume argues very powerfully that nineteenth-century American poetry encompasses much more than Whitman and Dickinson. This is an indispensable book and will be useful to both new and experienced... more info

Editor(s): Paula Bernat Bennett, Karen L. Kilcup, Philipp Schwieghauser

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Teaching North American Environmental Literature
"More than a study of nature writing, this collection of essays examines the influences that have shaped the field, such as African American, American Indian, Canadian, and Chicano literature." Book... more info

Editor(s): Laird Christensen, Mark C. Long, Fred Waage

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Teaching the Representation of the Holocaust
"Can the story be told?" Jorge Semprun asked after his liberation from Buchenwald. The question is addressed from many angles in this volume of essays on teaching about the Holocaust. ... more info

Editor(s): Marianne Hirsch, Irene Kacandes

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Brazilian Narrative Traditions in a Comparative Context
In the first volume of the MLA series World Literatures Reimagined, Earl E. Fitz examines the complex relation between Brazil and the United States: the colonial similarities and differences; the... more info

Author(s): Earl E. Fitz

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