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A Bibliography of Stylistics and Related Criticism, 1967-83
We are currently out of stock of the paperback edition of this title. The cloth edition will be substituted at the paperback price. ... more info

Author(s): James R. Bennett

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A Resource Guide to Asian American Literature
An informative and original collection of twenty-five essays, the Resource Guide to Asian American Literature offers background materials for the study of this expanding discipline and suggests strategies and ideas... more info

Editor(s): Sau-ling Cynthia Wong, Stephen H. Sumida

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Approaches to Teaching Achebe's Things Fall Apart
Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart, with sales exceeding three million copies, is one of the most widely read works of contemporary fiction. A classic of African literature, it is taught... more info

Editor(s): Bernth Lindfors

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Approaches to Teaching Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale and Other Works
Margaret Atwood's works, especially The Handmaid's Tale, are widely taught not only in literature courses but also in economics, political science, sociology, film, and business courses. ... more info

Editor(s): Sharon R. Wilson, Thomas B. Friedman, Shannon Hengen

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Approaches to Teaching Beckett's Waiting for Godot
Waiting for Godot offers as much of a challenge in the classroom today as it did to its early audiences in the 1950s. It has become "the centerpiece of a... more info

Editor(s): June Schlueter, Enoch Brater

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Approaches to Teaching the Works of Italo Calvino
“The volume’s readability and bibliographic and pedagogical detail and each essay’s careful framework render the volume valuable for nonspecialists, for Italianists, and for Calvino specialists, too.” Tommasina Gabriele, Wheaton College,... more info

Editor(s): Franco Ricci

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Approaches to Teaching Camus's The Plague
Thirty-five years ago Germaine Brée wrote that The Plague "is, within its limits, a great novel, the most disturbing, most moving novel yet to have come out of the chaos... more info

Editor(s): Steven G. Kellman

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Approaches to Teaching Cather's My Ántonia
Unlike many other great works of English literature, My Ántonia is immediately accessible to today's students. "Cather's novel is so clear," Susan J. Rosowski says, "so apparently effortless, that it... more info

Editor(s): Susan J. Rosowski

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Approaches to Teaching Coetzee’s Disgrace and Other Works
“The sheer range of critical and pedagogical approaches canvased is little short of astonishing, and the ingenuity and effort that these teachers of Coetzee put into preparing their courses should... more info

Editor(s): Laura Wright, Jane Poyner, Elleke Boehmer

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Approaches to Teaching Collodi's Pinocchio and Its Adaptations
"Sherberg has gathered an array of scholars in various disciplines to approach Collodi's famous work from the multiple perspectives the text itself demands. . . . [These] essays will be... more info

Editor(s): Michael Sherberg

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